Evolution of ICAO

ICAO's stated mission is to  "serve as the global forum of States for international civil aviation. ICAO develops policies and Standards, undertakes compliance audits, performs studies and analyses, provides assistance and builds aviation capacity through many other activities and the cooperation of its Member States and stakeholders"
In the highly regulated space that is civil aviation, with major milestones in aviation's evolution occurring in the last half century;  from the end of the last world war which preceded the birth of ICAO, to the oil crisis, the global financial collapse, 9/11 and now a pandemic impacting every aspect of our lives, it is not surprising that the ICAO playbook post-1944 is now a compendium. CAPA's call for "a  group of wise persons to undertake a strategic evaluation of the organisation’s mission and requirements being fit for purpose for the current and future needs of modern aviation" is loudly echoed by us. ICAO's role and impact in global aviation is in the main, a story of successful collaboration. However, delay in transformation informed by strategic evaluation could find the compendium becoming more burden than benefit. 

ICAO in need of reforms to enhance its relevance – now is opportune | CAPA (centreforaviation.com)